Our business consultants often hear from business owners that all they need is a good salesman. A good salesman can sell ice cubes to Eskimos, right?

Well, here’s the situation; generally when the business was formed the product or service was in the growth stage of its life-cycle. Sales were easy and almost any sales person was going to make a lot of sales on the merit of the high-demand product or service. Now the product/service has matured and there is competition. It isn’t as easy to make the sale, so that same great salesman isn’t so great anymore.

What can you do? One thing is to continually improve your company and its product line. This includes great marketing including marketing strategy [the overlooked part of marketing] that involves taking a close look at market viability. It is very difficult to sell buggy whips when there aren’t any buggies around. The other thing to do is to create a “sales system” for your company.

A sales system is a uniform way in which you sell your products and services. This is a system that is repeatable and can be taught to other sales people. The best salespeople are those that are charismatic and can diplomatically get people to buy things they don’t even want.

Good salespeople make a connection between your company and your customers in a way that determines if there is a good fit or not. This can be a system that is aligned with your marketing strategy, marketing programs and company goals and objectives.

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