Not only do you need to have great people on your team, you also need to organize the team in alignment with the company goals and objectives. These start with the company Vision and Mission. Organizing your company both from an administrative as well as a competitive goal achieving unit takes good planning and tools.

Does your company have an organizational chart?; An employee manual?; Job Descriptions for each employee? Finally does your company have Job Results Descriptions that provide objective measures of progress for your team?

Job Descriptions Now

Here are two great on-line tools to help you organize your company; Job Descriptions Now. You can create job descriptions, employee manuals and organizational charts on this site. It is economically priced for smaller and mid-size businesses.

This site helps you with the difficult task of Job Performance Reviews too. There are many topics covered at the Insperity site that will help your business with developing a great administrative foundation.

Organizational Structure

Your company’s organizational structure is very important to its success. The structure is important to executing the strategic plan of the company and achieving company goals and objectives. It incorporates the chain of command and alignment of company, departmental, and individual goals in the most effective way. Organizations are dynamic, ever changing, teams of people. As people change postions, and new people come on-board, keeping track of the macro organization and the micro aspects of the organization are key to effective managment.

The organizational chart has long been the best tool we have for keeping track of what the company looks like. Even small businesses need an organizational chart. It is too easy for things to get confused when employees are reporting to more than one supervisor, or don’t really know what their job is, and how it fits into the company structure.

A great tool for creating and managing your organizational structure is Org Chart Pro. The site has economically priced products that will get the job done for you. If you need help please contact us.

Human Resources Help – Jane

We get it. Hiring is a pain. You want to find the right person, but don’t have the time. Kiss the old way of hiring goodbye, and let Jane do everything for you.

Get a Personal Hiring Specialist
With Jane, you get more than just software. You get a personal hiring specialist who takes care of the critical, yet tedious aspects of hiring.

Professionals You Can Rely On
We all encounter unique questions and situations throughout the hiring process. Your hiring specialist, backed by our entire Jane team, will be there when you need it most.

Intuitive Hiring Platform
Your hiring specialist will manage everything for you through Jane’s modern hiring platform, which will create a friendly and intuitive hiring experience for you, your team and your candidates.

Training and Support
It’s so simple you really don’t need any. Regardless, you get unlimited phone and email support, which means you hiring specialist is always there to help with any questions about the hiring process or platform.

Flexibility and Control
You decide what you want your hiring specialist to take care of, and what you prefer to handle. You and your team get full access to Jane’s hiring platform.

Start with a Free Task
Put Jane to the test. You’ll get paired with your very own hiring specialist who is excited to work with you to complete one of your most pressing needs. You can be sure that Jane is the right fit before making any commitments.