It’s Tough In The Jungle

You know the feeling…

You’re telling your staff and your prospects about your great product (product or service). You explain how it is a great buy and something everyone wants and needs. You explain it isn’t a matter of why they would buy it but why not!

That’s when you see their faces with that unmistakable smirk. Hmm. Your enthusiasm may dim a bit and your confidence in the greatest product ever diminishes.

You know in your heart the potential for the product, what it will mean to your customers and to your company. If you could just get everyone to believe and try it they would see. But they just give you that look and you know they are laughing on the inside. You know they are even if you can’t hear them.

That’s what it’s like in the jungle. It’s hard to convince people to change what they already know and what products they are already using. Displacing incumbent suppliers is very difficult.

Here are some of the things you will need to do to displace an incumbent and get new business for your company.

  • Develop rapport with prospects.
  • Get prospects interested in hearing about the new benefits from your product.
  • Understand prospects have real pains that your product can reduce or remove.
  • Make it easy to understand your product.
  • Make it safe to try your product – no downside.

What will you do when confronted with this situation?

  • Become disheartened and give up on the new product.
  • Become angry and respond aggressively to staff and clients who “just don’t get it”.
  • Become the Primate, the smarter animal, and educate and entice staff and prospects to find out more about your product.

You don’t have to do anything crazy!

You just need to rethink your role in the jungle. If you want to get your head out of the sand, or move to a new place, we can help. We can help your business adapt and change to be more competitive in today’s business jungle.