“If you build it they will come.”

This is what many start-up entrepreneurs, business owners and small business managers believe. It couldn’t be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, it’s likely “they” won’t even know “it” exists, let alone seek it out.

Even if “they—your future customers—know your business exists, how will you stand out in a very crowded jungle of sounds and ideas (think advertisements), and products, services, and deals?

Have you ever been in a jungle?

Probably not. But imagine that you were. Could you tell the difference between the sound of a canary and a cockatoo; or a leopard and a lion? Would you know which snakes are poisonous—or which fruits?

Well, the jungle of “information age” is here and you’re already deep inside of it.. Most business people are really confused by this noisy, unfamiliar environment. Unlike a “real” jungle, which would be much easier to understand and adapt to since it doesn’t change as much or as fast, today’s business jungle is tougher to adapt to.

How do you make the jungle work for you?

Consider for a minute how animals instinctively adapt to threats and opportunities. What is your animal persona in this brave, new jungle?

The Ostrich: sticks its head in the sand and hopes the threat will all go away.

The Homing Pigeon: keeps going back to the same place, again and again, because it’s what’s comfortable and familiar. The homing pigeon hopes things are going to go back to the way they used to be; it’s just a matter of time.

The primate: keeps adapting and changing with the changing environment. Of course, the only animal that will not ultimately perish is the one who adapts.

So, which one are you? Or more importantly, which one do you want to become?

You don’t have to do anything crazy!

You just need to rethink your role in the jungle. If you want to get your head out of the sand, or move to a new place, we can help. We can help your business adapt and change to be more competitive in today’s business jungle.