Magnum Turnkey Multi-Channel Marketing & Sales Program

A key to business growth is to fill the funnel with qualified leads and get sales. Business owners and managers are generally great at creating and delivering an amazing product or service. They are generally not so good at maintaining a steady supply of quality leads and converting them to sales. Today it is more complex than ever to approach and stay in touch with your prospects that may want the service or product offered.

This requires a multi-channel marketing lead generation system and conversion to sales.  A decade or so ago all you needed was a good ad or a sign to attract B2B business, but today its more complicated.

When confronted with filling the pipeline with leads businesses need both short term and long term results. We offer a two-pronged approach. This is through both an outbound and inbound program; a multi-channel marketing and sales program. Outbound is a more short term and quicker solution to get leads although less effective overall. Inbound takes longer to work but provides longer term and more effective results.

We use a combination of telemarketing and email to do outbound depending on the campaign. This is based on volume and repetition since the prospects generally are not aware of the company or what they provide in the way of services or products. They don’t know the brand or its reputation in most cases. This is often a first encounter with the prospect. For these reasons it is more expensive and less effective on a long term per lead basis. Nevertheless, outbound programs can be an effective part of a total multi-channel program because they begin working in weeks as opposed to inbound programs that take many months to begin working.

Inbound is important for long term success though because most buyers do at least 60% of their research about suppliers of services on the internet before they start talking to specific vendors. Even when approached with outbound efforts buyers will then check on the internet to find out about the company and product or service. This is why a multi-channel marketing program works best.

What does that mean to the business owner or manager? Today businesses without a very good presence on the internet through an inbound program will not be able to compete with those that do.

How do you qualify these leads and convert qualified leads to sales? Our program does that too. We take care of everything for you.

A complete approach for is an effective strategy for short term and long term success. WinningAdvantage offers a B2B program that is an effective and affordable solution. This type of program would be much more expensive if executed internally by the business.

Business owners and managers of small and mid-size firms don’t have the time to do their own programs. Also, they almost always lack the expertise needed to develop an run effective and efficient outbound and inbound programs. Telemarketing, email and internet strategies have evolved into sophisticated and technical skills that are not part of the core competencies of small business management. These skills are required to become competitive with other firms. Being competitive means getting sales leads in a particular niche.

The business owner or manager needs to leverage his sales effort. Sales skills are not the same as lead development skills. While a sales person may be very effective at the point of sale they need qualified leads to do their work. You wouldn’t expect a skilled furniture maker to go out into the forest and cut down his own trees and then craft a beautiful piece of furniture. Our sales team will be trained to qualify and convert leads to sales for you. An effective team results in more converted sales which is the ultimate goal of the business.