Many business owners that our business coaches speak with are experts in their product or service. They are working very hard in their business but hardly working on their business. Being a good manager is not so much about doing things right as it is about doing the right things.

We often hear that they can’t grow as a business because they can’t get good employees. People just don’t want to work the way they used to. Their employees just aren’t like they are. This is usually not the problem. The problem is generally that the owner hasn’t learned how to manage employees yet.

In order for your business to be more than just you, to grow in a way that other people can execute the company plans with you, management needs to know how to “manage” them. Management is getting people to do things they think they can’t or maybe don’t want to. It’s about getting the work done in a positive and productive way. It’s about getting the goals and objectives of the organization accomplished with a team.

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