Capital for start-up businesses has become increasingly difficult to get. If you don’t have perfect credit and/or don’t have collateral for a loan it is harder. The WinningAdvantage capital advisory services program has been developed to help entrepreneurs get the capital they need to launch their businesses under these circumstances. So, if you’re tired of endless dead ends in your capital search you just need to call for a free consultation. Give our business consultants call today and we will get you on the right path to get the capital you need.

Going Public Advisory Services:

Seed Capital

WinningAdvantage can help you arrange for difficult-to-get seed capital or small business loans to get you started. Our new program provides advice on where to get seed capital if you qualify.

Public Shell

We advise you on how to purchase an existing “virgin shell” company so you can be public quickly. The public shell often provides assurance to private investors that they have an exit strategy; greatly increasing the chances of you getting funding.

Private Placement

The program may include advice on the preparation of a private placement memorandum. The program provides advice on using placement agents who work through a network of broker dealer companies to get the first rounds of funding for your business.

Investor Relations Services

Our small business coaches provide advice on arranging for your start-up company to pay for an investor relations (IR) company to promote your stock in return for stock in the public company. You may not need cash to pay for this necessary service. The IR work will develop liquidity in your stock, increasing the price and trading volume of the stock.


We will provide advice on arranging for a private investment company to buy stock in your public entity, a PIPE deal, when your stock is liquid. This usually takes 9-12 months under the right circumstances. Liquidity is accomplished with the help of the IR firm.


During this process you have gone public, raised private placement capital, created liquidity in your stock and have a PIPE deal to sell stock if you need to raise more capital. You have the prestige to attract a higher caliber of employees, get bank loans and use your stock as currency to buy other companies. You also have a means to raise more capital by selling your stock.

You can find out more about the process of taking your business public when you work with the business consultants at Winning Advantage. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation.