Marketing your product or service is only effective when your message reaches the right market. Marketing without purpose or intent is expensive, time-consuming, and doesn’t help your business achieve its goals. Casting too broad a net allows potential customers to slip through.  Broadcasting your message is extremely expensive and is for the big companies that have very deep promotion pockets.

You will need to gather marketing demographic information on your potential target markets. I suggest using services that handle this type of data. You will want to know how many prospective clients exist in a given geography, of a certain size, how many employees they have, who their officers and decision-makers are specifically by name. You will also want to know what their contact information is.

The business coaches at Winning Advantage recommend that you use a trusted list company to get that information. Care should be taken in where the information comes from as old information is useless and can even cause problems with your email or fax campaigns.

Hoovers Lists

Hoovers is a large company affiliated with Dun and Bradstreet, a very old and respected business-to-business service company. Hoovers has access to an array of business information including lists of companies, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses. 

Getting the right contact lists helps make your marketing efforts precise and effective. We trust Hoovers because their lists are reliable and affordable for small businesses. 

We can help you make good use of your marketing lists. Connect with our business consultants today to schedule your business assessment!