1. Will your business survive the coming recession?

    For many, January is a time of rebirth and resolutions. It’s a month to reflect on last year’s achievements and to set goals for the year ahead. Well, based on our current economic outlook you may not want to wait until January to recession proof your business. Some people will set business goal…Read More

  2. Product Line Development

    How to analyze your product line for free in 10 minutes! Most Small and Mid-Size businesses are “One Trick Ponies”. When their one main product matures the company dies. These business owners don’t keep pace with new products and don’t update existing products. Assessing your product line sh…Read More

  3. Business Value Builder

    How to assess your business in 13 minutes and avoid losing money! 90% of owners don’t know the value of their business. This is not only important if they sell, but also while they own the business, since value is based on certain key performance areas. Knowing why the business is worth a certain …Read More

  4. Capital Sources Pros/Cons

    What’s Your Best Source of Capital? What are your options when seeking to raise capital? What are the usual sources for early stage companies? Below are the commonly recognized sources of capital for early stage companies and their pros and cons. What’s your best choice? Family & Friends Pro…Read More

  5. When Your Business Lacks Capital

    What does it mean for your business when you lack access to capital? Capital for SMB’s has become increasingly difficult to get. If you don’t have the perfect credit score or don’t have collateral for a loan, it makes access to needed funds that much harder. When your business lacks access to …Read More

  6. Capital Advisory

    An Inability to Raise Capital Puts Your Business at Risk According to a national survey of independent business owners conducted by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance in partnership with the Advocates for Independent Business, of those businesses that applied for a bank loan in the last two years…Read More

  7. The Bone Yard

    The jungle is no place to rest on the past. Everyday waking up in the jungle is a challenge to survival! Many don’t survive the day. The bone yard is evidence of that! Change and Survival Continuing to do the same things that don’t work is a bad approach. Change is the keyword in the jungle; you…Read More

  8. A Dangerous Path

    The Lions are Lounging You approach the river but see the lions laying in your path, lounging leisurely. Eventhough they aren’t directly threatening you at this point you know how territorial and dangerous they are. That’s the way it is in the jungle. Many times real threats are masked by seemin…Read More

  9. The Baboons are Laughing

    It’s Tough In The Jungle You know the feeling… You’re telling your staff and your prospects about your great product (product or service). You explain how it is a great buy and something everyone wants and needs. You explain it isn’t a matter of why they would buy it but why not! That’s wh…Read More

  10. A Jungle Story

    A MARKETING MYTH: “If you build it they will come.” This is what many start-up entrepreneurs, business owners and small business managers believe. It couldn’t be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, it’s likely “they” won’t even know “it” exists, let alone seek it out. Even…Read More