If you are here you have realized that you need to do something to protect your business, your income and your life. Only those that have been through tough times as business owners know how you feel. It isn’t a good feeling. The good news is that you are now on the path to revitalizing your life. We will take you through the steps to save your investment, your income stream and your life.

The first steps in the process are: (1) assessment (2) plan development and (3) stabilization. The sooner we get started the more options are available and the better our chances for success in turning your business around. Contact us by calling, emailing or completing the form on this page so we can get your business restructured and operating, allowing you to take over normal operations again.

Please contact us for an initial consultation. There is no cost or obligation for this initial consultation. We are one of the only consulting companies providing turnaround work for small and mid-sized businesses. This is our specialty; working with small business owners to maximize their wealth and quality of life.