Increase Your Odds of Success!

Boost Your Start-Up Success to 80%

The SBA publishes some sobering statistics on new business start-ups, being that 80% of small businesses fail within five years. With a little bit of work and planning you can increase your odds to 80% successful.

Let us help you stage your success with the following program elements:

  1. A Great Business Story
  2. Feasibility Adjustments
  3. Business Strategy
  4. Capitalization Plan
  5. Buy v. Build Analysis
  6. Entrepreneurial Assessment
  7. Market Analysis
Business Plan

The culmination of the program is to help you develop a business plan, create a business plan summary or full business plan depending on the level of service you select.

Capitalization Leads

We will help you determine the type of capital you qualify for and can supply you with some good lending and investor contacts.