Why do you need a plan? Well, you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint; would you? Most business people know that it makes sense intuitively. Still, most small businesses start without a plan. This is one of the reasons small businesses fail in the first year or two.

Our business consulting services have put together a list of a few preventable reasons that businesses might fail. The planning process identifies these areas and addresses them before it is too late.

  • Bad or No Planning
  • Lack of Capital
  • Product Non-Viability
  • Business Non-Viability
  • Management Ineffectiveness
  • Lack of Competent Employees

Some of these reasons for failure are the result of others. However, good planning helps solve every one of these reasons for failure.

Types of Business Plans

There are different types of business plans for different purposes. Common business plans include strategic business plans, marketing plans, capital acquisition plans, plans for debt financing, and product development plans. The complexity and purpose of the plan determines the time and expertise a business coach uses to put it together. Where will you start?

We have three basic sizes of plan as follows:

  1. Basic Business Plan Outline
  2. Simple Business Plan
  3. Pro Business Plan

These three types are designed to fit different businesses and budgets and can be customized for different purposes. Naturally, the basic and standard plans are much shorter and less intricate than the complex plan. We are a business consulting service that prides ourselves in providing services for every budget. To learn more about the three sizes of business plans, contact us here.