Growth Booster Success System

Is Your Business Running YOU?
Growth Booster Program

Do you have as much free time as you wanted? Are you making as much money as you thought you would? Is your business under control or are you being controlled by your business? Is your business the one you dreamed about?

We find that business owners start businesses with not only a desire to create income and wealth, but with a very unique vision of what their life and the lives of the company stakeholders will be like, relative to the business. In almost every case, we find that the small business and lifestyle they envisioned is not what they are living. Our mission is to add that extra ingredient to enable them to realize that vision intelligently.

With many years of creating and growing businesses we know it is not easy to find someone who understands our perspective, who has walked in our shoes; and, who has no jealousy, apprehension or fear related to how the business is doing. We are not your accountant or banker, always looking into the past and never into the future; and, we are not your lawyer always waiting for the other shoe to drop. We will help you bridge the gap between what has been and what can be.

Our Growth Program includes:
  • Creating Your Best Strategy – including a Business Plan
  • Development of Your Competitive Advantage
  • Development of Your Marketing & Sales System
  • Redevelopment of Your Management Systems
  • Capitalization Strategy – including Prospective Lenders and/or Investors